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ZZYD Becomes Your Best Supplier

1. Global manufacturing

With the globalization of the manufacturing industry, it is essential to have a global sourcing network. This will help your supply chain and give quick feedback on your needs. According to some purchasing directors, with production bases all over the world, and able to provide the same quality and reliable local services globally, choosing a strategic supplier is a big challenge.

Our solution

  • With footprints all over the world, there are more than 83 service outlets, 41 warehouses and 14 application engineering laboratories around the world.

  • More than 2,500 employees around the world pay close attention to your needs.

These achievements have made ZZYD the preferred supplier of "Global Localization"!

2. Safe, high-quality products

Today, the growing challenge stems from the pressure that manufacturers face in the process of manufacturing safe and high-quality products. The increasing number of product recall cases not only damages the credibility of the company, but also ultimately affects the financial status of the company.

Our solution

High quality comes from the correct selection of raw materials, the correct processing methods are selected according to international standards, and finally passed the test and acceptance. ZZYD has accredited testing laboratories in 10 regions around the world, covering Europe, America and Asia. The laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge inspection and testing equipment to ensure the reliability and quality of the products.

3. Shorten delivery time, reduce inventory, and increase output

The life cycle of products is shortening day by day, and the demand of the market is changing rapidly, which prompts enterprises to move towards lean management. It is worth mentioning that a supply chain strategy with a lean management environment can help a company's operational strategy. This challenge is not only to find a lean concept, but more importantly to find an actionable lean solution.

Our solution

We are committed to design and process optimization services, which will help increase productivity, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and prescribe the right medicine. We use value stream analysis tools to conduct research, make recommendations, and provide detailed reports on relevant content.

4. Supplier resource integration

The integration of supplier resources can bring many advantages. Especially in the supply of C-components, it eliminates the difference in supply resources and indirect costs. It is extremely challenging to find a supplier with various solutions and rich experience in integrating supplier resources.

Our solution

Starting from the automatic order placement, all operations are in place in one step. ZZYD's all-round logistics solution can provide a complete concept of simplifying C-part procurement. Simply put, C-components will realize self-management.

5. Get the latest technology

Obtain the latest technology in various fields, thanks to the full-scale collaboration of an excellent team of experts in the new product development stage.

Our solution

Our engineers and technicians promise to find solutions to ensure that fasteners are more functional, durable and safer. In the early stage of new product design, with the latest knowledge of fastening technology, we will provide you with technical information as soon as possible.

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