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Goodbye, 2020! Hello, 2021!

2020 is finally over
This year, the epidemic raged and black swan incidents occurred frequently
People’s normal learning, living, and working order is broken
The global economy has suffered heavy losses, and the survival of enterprises is under tremendous pressure
Huawei is no exception, facing various uncertainties
We still believe that the world will get better

As a technology company
For more than 30 years, we have always believed
Technology is an important force to promote social progress and the sustainable development of the world
Huawei’s vision and mission is to bring the digital world to everyone,
Every family, every organization, build a smart world with all things connected
TECH4ALL Digital Inclusion Initiative and Action Plan
The purpose of "Don't let anyone fall behind in the digital world"

With all the dreams of a beautiful life
Like people who are firm, hardworking, and don’t give up easily
We believe and look forward to, with everyone’s collaboration and hard work
The world returns to normal order and vitality as soon as possible
As this animated video tells:
"Let us build a home together
A future-oriented
A world where everyone’s dreams can be realized
Everything in this world
All special and will make you smile
Even in times of difficulty and loss
Some people will say that we are thinking wildly
Some people will say that we are impractical
But I don’t care because I firmly believe
We can create a better world together
Every night when i lay in bed
The beautiful vision of the future makes me excited
Make thousands of people's dreams come true
I imagined that beautiful smart world
As if it's right in front of my eyes
Let everyone realize their dreams
Let the dreams of millions of people come true"

2021, a brand new year is coming
As UN Deputy Secretary-General Fabrizio Hochschild said
Digital technology has fundamentally changed the world
Only by better collaboration around the world can we further use digital technology
Promote the sustainable development agenda of all mankind
May the world be peaceful, and that mankind, the environment and all things in nature live in harmony
May every child return to the classroom
May every company find the growth code
Wish human health, safety and balanced development
Don't give up the effort to pursue your dreams, let us work hard together!
Don't leave anyone behind in the digital world
Let the dreams of millions of people come true